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Mehmet Baransu

Turkey: Mehmet Baransu must be released

The charges against Baransu relate to a series of articles that he wrote for the daily Taraf in early 2010, in which he revealed an alleged plot to overthrow the government of Turkey by members of the Turkish military. These articles were based on a cache of classified documents and CDs given to Baransu by

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Bahrain: Nabeel Rajab appeal postponed

Bahrain’s Court of Appeals convened today over human rights defender Nabeel Rajab’s appeal case; unfortunately the court again postponed the decision until 15 March. Rajab’s lawyers requested that a travel ban that has been in place since 2 November be lifted, however the court has declined this request. Nabeel Rajab may also face charges of

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Mexico: English PEN and CPJ call on President Peña Nieto to protect freedom of expression

In a letter sent to President Peña Nieto to coincide with a state visit during which he will meet the Queen, the Prime Minister and address both Houses of Parliament, English PEN and CPJ have called on the Mexican President to urgently address impunity and attacks against journalists in Mexico. It is now more than five

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Avijit Roy

Murder in Dhaka

The ghastly murder of Avijit Roy on a road in Dhaka reveals just how dangerous it has become for writers to express themselves freely in Bangladesh. Unknown assailants viciously attacked Roy and his wife Rafida Ahmed Bonna with cleavers or machetes last night. Both were critically injured and taken to a hospital. Roy died soon;

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