In the last light of evening sun

in its glances that search and stretch on

songs of freedom echoed in anthems

in the cell, its atmosphere tightening.

Five to ten people, arms linked together,

in their hearts, deep in their bones

a single voice.


Cries woven in that sound,

and yells, screams of rebellion!

Late evening, a Saturday in summer.

A handful of people holding the line

in folk-dance formation.

A momentous solidarity; coalescence.

Bodies in chains, the songs at liberty,

rising higher and higher, the inner voice

of a few men filled the prison.


Some, newly detained,

some, nearing completion,

resolute together, and crying out freedom.

A truth in their words that can never be captured,

fatigue of captivity there in their bodies,

calling as one man, one voice for liberty.

In sun’s final glances of evening

Locked-in, but free.


Nedim Türfent


Van M Type Prison


Translated by Caroline Stockford


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Photo credit: Selman Keles