Bequests and Codicils

You can make a bequest to English PEN even if you have already made a will.  This is achieved by adding a codicil to your existing will.  The suggested wording is:

I [full name] of [address] declare this to be a [first/second/etc] Codicil to my Will dated [date of Will].

1: In addition to any legacies given by me in my said will I give to English PEN the sum of [amount in words] for the general charitable work of English PEN. I direct that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer for the time being or any other duly authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors. If before my death (or even after my death but before my executors have given effect to the gift) English PEN has changed its name or amalgamated with any other body or transferred all its assets to any other body then my executors shall give effect to the gift as if it were a gift to the body in its changed name or to the body which results from the amalgamation or to the body to which the assets have been transferred.

 2: In all other respects I confirm my said Will and any other Codicils thereto.

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this [day, month and year].

Signed by the said [full name] as a Codicil to his/her last Will in the presence of us who at his/her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses [insert the signature, name and address of the two witnesses].

NOTE: Neither witness should be an Officer, Fellow or Employee of English PEN or connected in any other way with English PEN. It is vital that this precise wording be used and that both witnesses be present at the time of signing.

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