Alternative Libel Project – Final Report Launched

The final report of our Alternative Libel Project was launched yesterday at Inner Temple, London.

A summary and recording from the launch event, which included speeches from Lord McNally, Sir Stephen Sedley, David Allen Green (New Statesman/Jack of Kent), Charmian Gooch and Nick Cohen, will be available soon.

In our press release, we noted that “No defamation claim should cost more than a home”, and our Director Jonathan Heawood said:

‘Procedure and costs rules need to change for defamation claims.  There is no good reason why a libel trial should ever cost more than the average house price in the UK.  Costs of this level are still beyond the means of most people in this country – hence our other recommendations – but it would mark a massive reduction on today’s eye-popping costs.’

You can download the report [1.4Mb PDF] – Please contact us if you need hard copies.  We have also produced a short video outlining the key findings.  We also published a preliminary report in October 2011.

We are extremely grateful to the Nuffield Foundation who funded our research.

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