#BooksforPrisoners Advent Calendar Day 21

The #BooksforPrisoners Advent calendar is a ‘Literary Protest’ against the restrictions on books being sent to UK prisoners

Every day until Christmas, a leading writer will be recommending the book that they would send to a prisoner as part of English PEN and the Howard League’s Books for Prisoners campaign.

Whilst the campaign saw a major victory recently, with the High Court ruling that the ban on books for prisoners was unlawful, we need to keep up the pressure until family and friends are once again able to send books to their loved ones in prisons.

Today: Amanda Craig

CJ Sansom’s Dominion

CJ Sansom is a superb detective novelist (check out his Shardlake series set in Tudor England) but Dominion imagines what Britain might have become had the Nazis invaded Britain. Other novelists like Robert Harris and Owen Sheers have imagined this kind of scenario, but Sansom’s is the most detailed, the most horrifying and the most gripping. The hero, Daniel, is talented and handsome but immature: the choices he must make between good and evil in a society which has abandoned its conscience are what make him grow into a man. A thriller and a love-story set against a menacing, foggy atmosphere and political corruption, it is beautifully written and it makes you think about justice, the abuse of power and how we live now.

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