Briefing Document – Free Expression in Cuba

*** UPDATE – JULY 2010: English PEN is delighted at the news that six Cuban independent journalists imprisoned since March 2003 have finally been released. Julio César Gálvez Rodríguez, José Luis García Paneque, Léster Luis González Pentón, Ricardo Severino González Alfonso, Pablo Pacheco Ávila and Omar Moisés Ruíz Hernández were freed late on 12 July 2010 and arrived in Madrid, Spain, with their families on the afternoon of 13 July. Their release follows talks between the Cuban government, the Catholic Church and the Spanish foreign minister, during which Cuba reportedly pledged to release 52 dissidents jailed in 2003 over the coming months. English PEN applauds this long-awaited development, but is concerned that the prisoners are apparently obliged to leave Cuba as a precondition of their release. It continues to call for the immediate and unconditional release of the 19 other writers, journalists and librarians still in prison for their writings. For more information, please click here. ***
On 17th March 2010, English PEN launched a briefing document outlining the Free Expression issues in Cuba.  The document discusses the cases of writers and campaigners imprisoned under Article 91 and Law 88, and also takes a strong line condemning the US embargo of the island.  We also discuss the difference between censorship in journalism and self-censorship in the Arts, and make positive suggestions for what visitors to Cuba can do to help promote free speech.

The PDF is available to download here.

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