Don’t Spy on Us launches fundraiser for Investigatory Powers Bill ad campaign

The revised Investigatory Powers Bill was published at the start of this month, less than three weeks after a Joint Committee of both houses of parliament published a critical report into the Ggvernment’s draft bill. It is now being reported that the Government will try and rush the bill through the House of Commons in under two months.

If passed, the #IPBill would mean that the UK has the most extreme surveillance law of any democracy in the world, putting us on a par with the likes of Russia and China.

The Don’t Spy on Us, of which English PEN is an executive member, has been working with a leading advertising agency who offered their services to the campaign pro bono. They have come up with a brilliant idea for a campaign that we think will get MPs’ attention.

Don’t Spy on Us is asking for the public to make donations that could pay for:

  • A billboard in a high profile location – such as Westminster
  • Social media ads to help us reach as many people as possible
  • Adverts in national newspapers

The more we raise, the more ads we can run, and the more people we can reach.

Make a donation

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