Egypt: concerns for health of detained writer Ibrahim al-Husseini

English PEN is deeply concerned about the health and well-being of Ibrahim al-Husseini, an Egyptian writer who has been detained since his arrest on 9 December 2018.

According to PEN’s information, al-Husseini was arrested at his home in Cairo by security agents who confiscated a number of his books and electronic devices. According to his family, his arrest relates to  social media posts in which he commented on events in Egypt and France.

On 23 December 2018, the State Security Prosecution extended al-Husseini’s pre-trial detention for 15 days on the charge of ‘inciting a demonstration’. Two days later, on 25 December, al-Husseini, who suffers from a number of serious health problems, became very unwell. He was admitted to hospital the following day but returned to prison soon afterwards.  On 5 January 2019, al-Husseini’s pre-trial detention was renewed for a further 15 days .

PEN believes that the charge against al-Husseini is politically motivated and calls for his immediate and unconditional release, and for assurances that he will be granted the medical care he needs. We also call on the Egyptian authorities to free all those held solely for exercising their right to freedom of expression and association.


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Write to the authorities

Send appeals to the Egyptian authorities:

  • Calling for the immediate and unconditional release of al-Husseini and to drop all charges against him;
  • Expressing serious concern for al-Husseini’s health and well-being and urging them to ensure that, pending his release, he is provided with adequate medical care and has full access to family visits and legal representation;
  • Urging them to ensure that the right to freedom of expression and association in Egypt is fully respected in law and practice in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution and Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Egypt is a state party.

Please send appeals:


Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Office of the President,
Al-Ittihadia Palace, Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt,
Fax: +202 2 391 1441 Email: –
Salutation: Your Excellency

Minister of Justice

Mohamed Hossam Abdel Rahim
Ministry of Justice, Lazoghly Sq
Fax: +202 2 795 8103
Salutation: Dear Minister

Minister of Interior

Mahmoud Tawfik,
Ministry of Interior, Fifth Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt
Fax: +202 2794 5529
Salutation: Dear Minister

It is recommended that you send a copy of your appeals via the diplomatic representative for Egypt in your country. Contact details for embassies can be found here

Please let us know of any action you take, and of any responses you receive.

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