Letter of Thanks from Liu Jingsheng


A Letter of Thanks

Beijing, China
January 5, 2005

To the friends with whomever I was acquainted or not,

How are you? Thank you for the cards that you have sent me every year though I can have just got to read them now after twelve years in jail.

These little cards have recorded the passage of time, the true feelings of the world, the individuals who are acquainted with each other or not, the worries about the friends and the friendship between each other.

I am just a little stone or even a grain of sand in the ocean to which nobody should have paid attention, but have got the concerns and helps from so many friends. These have been making me moved so much. What one wants in one’s life is just such friendship and warmth.

The twelve years of experience in jail has passed but left many pains and memories. Everything in the past could be forgotten except for your warmth and concern in those difficult years of mine, watering my soul and supporting my body. Without you I would not have survived and got out of prison.

Therefore, I am heartily grateful to all of you. As you have not forgotten me, my friends, I will never forget you. The friendship made during my difficult time, as well as the little cards transferring the warmth and strength, will be companying me for ever.

Last but not least, thank all who have cared and helped me, and wish all of you to have everything turned out as you wish.


Liu Jingsheng

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