Muhammad Bekzhon

Uzbekistan, rich in oil and despite being used by the West as a base for Afghanistan has a lamentable human rights record. Muhammad Bekzhon, a journalist on the newspaper Erk, banned in 1994, and brother of the exiled opposition leader Muhammad Salih, was arrested in early 1999 together with the author Mamadali Makhmudov and Yusif Ruzimuradov, accused of involvement in a series of explosions in Tashkent. Bekzhon is serving a 15 year sentence in barbaric conditions and has been tortured under interrogation and relatives are alarmed by his state of health. He is currently confined in a prison hospital with the tuberculosis he has contracted after months on end in damp cellars. Despite hopes of release he has been ignored in amnesties. He has been told repeatedly that his fate is in the hands of President Islam Karimov alone to whom appeals should be sent:

President Islam Karimov

70000 g. Tashkent

pr. Uzbekistansky

Rezidentsiya prezidenta


Fax: 00 998 71 139 5625

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