NGAWANG Gyaltsen (Lay name: Ngoegyan)

D.o.b.: c.1960

Profession: monk from Drepung Gonpa monastery.

Date of Arrest: 16 April 1989.

Sentence: 17 years in prison plus five years’ deprivation of political rights.

Expires: 15 April 2006

Details of Arrest: Reported to have been arrested while attempting to flee the country.

Details of Trial: Sentenced in November 1989 as ‘accessory offender’ for ‘actively participating in criminal activities, engaging in espionage, and illegally crossing the national border’ in connection with Drepung printing case (see Phulchung below). Also reported that sentence is in connection with his trying to get information on violence in Lhasa out of the country.

Place of Detention: Drapchi Prison, Lhasa.

Previous Political Imprisonment/Problems: Had been arrested on 27 September 1987 for taking part in pro-independence demonstration. Released in January 1988 after signing ‘confessions’ for committing ‘political crimes’ and acknowledging Chinese sovereignty over Tibet.

Honorary Member of: San Miguel, Sydney, Canada and English PEN.

Released: June 2004

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