Nguyen Dinh Huy

 * D.o.b.: 2/1/32.

Profession: Former newspaper editor and leading figure in pro-democracy organisation, Movement for National Unity and Building Democracy.

Date of Arrest: 17 November 1993

Sentence: 15 years in prison

Expires: 16 November 2008

Details of Arrest: Reported to have been detained around 17 November 1993 for planning an ‘illegal’ meeting. The meeting, entitled an ‘international conference for development in Vietnam’, was due to have been held on 27 November 1993 with guests from US. Was arrested a week after US Secretary of State’s visit in August 1993.

Details of Trial: Tried, and sentenced to 15 years in prison on 11/12 August 1995.

Health concerns: Reported by his wife in November 1997 to be in poor health and suffering from Parkinsons’ disease, exacerbated by daily forced labour in the fields. In January 1999 Huy’s wife reported his health to be fair.

Previous Political Imprisonment/Problems: Nguyen was held for 17 years in re-education camp and founded the Movement six months after his release in 1992. Was activist in Dai Viet party before 1975.

Place of Detention: Z30A labour camp, Xuan Loc, Dong Nai province.

Other details: Recipient of 1997 Hellmann/Hammett award for free expression.

Honorary member of: Polish, English, Perth, Suisse Romande, Slovak and French PEN.

Released: 2 February 2005. Reportedly still under heavy surveillance.

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