Northern Irish journalist receives death threat

Exactly six years after the unsolved murder of the investigative reporter, Martin O’ Hagan, who was shot dead on 28 September 2001, a fresh paramilitary death threat has been made against another leading Belfast journalist, Robin Livingstone.


According to Reporters Without Borders, “The threat, accompanied by a bullet, bearing the name, address and car registration number of Robin Livingstone, editor of the Andersonstown News, was sent to a TV studio by a group claiming to be the Red Hand Defenders, thought to be a loyalist paramilitary group.” Similar threats were reportedly issued against several republican politicians, whilst up to 10 other journalists in Northern Ireland are presently working under separate threats of violence. As no-one has yet been convicted of O’ Hagan’s murder, the British Irish Rights Watch has declared that “threats against journalists..must be taken seriously.”


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