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The Rapid Action Network (RAN) was founded by the Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International in 1991.  The purpose of the network is to alert members and supporters as rapidly as possible to disturbing developments affecting the welfare of writers and journalists around the globe, and to encourage them to respond instantly by writing a letter of appeal, taking other forms of action, and by passing the information on to their contacts.

Distributed by email, each alert or ‘RAN’ gives members the confirmed facts of the case; a paragraph stating clearly what PEN’s concerns are about the case; a sample appeal; and the address or fax numbers to which appeals should be addressed. 

Joining the network does not mean you are obliged to respond to every RAN, although each letter can be enormously helpful in reinforcing the work we do here. However, we do ask that if you decide to send an appeal you do so as soon as possible after you receive the alert.

The Rapid Action Network will also be used to bring you updates from the Writers in Prison Committee  (for example, when a prisoner is acquitted) or when specific appeals arise.


To subscribe to English PEN’s Rapid Action Network, please click here.

If you have any queries or require any further details, please email rapidactionnetwork@englishpen.org

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