Demanding Justice for Murdered Journalists

English PEN is proud to support the Speak Justice Campaign, launched today.  Powered by the Committee to Protect Journalists, this new campaign is an opportunity to break the terrible cycle of murder and impunity that is currently experience by journalistic communities around the world.

Murder is the most extreme form of censorship.  More than 660 journalists have been killed since 1992, permenantly silenced because of what they have reported. 

Their killers have for the most part evaded punishment. Reporting on corruption, crime, conflict, politics, and human rights has proven deadly for too many. Threats and kidnappings escalate into killings, a fatal yet avoidable outcome cemented by weak or indifferent authorities who feed a cycle of impunity.

In 90 percent of the cases, no perpetrator has been brought to justice. This silencing message fosters self-censorship. It weakens the ability of the press to hold power to account and suppresses public scrutiny of sensitive issues.

Speak Justice: Voices Against Impunity is an opportunity to break the cycle by demanding justice for murdered journalists. Empower impactful reporting and shield reporters from reprisal. Join the quest for justice and defend our collective right to information.

Vist the Speak Justice microsite to watch testimonies, and learn how you can demand apathetic governments protect the press.

Speak Justice

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