Statement from English PEN on shootings in Copenhagen

The shocking attack in Copenhagen seeks to shut down freedom of expression and intimidate anyone who wishes to discuss current challenges to free speech publicly.

English PEN deplores this violent assault on a peaceful gathering – an unacceptable attempt to silence debate. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims.

One Comment on “Statement from English PEN on shootings in Copenhagen”

  1. My profile pic on Facebook has been a cartoon (of me) since the attack on Charlie Hebdo.
    I would argue that this one simple cartoon has more dimensions and more humanity and hope than any of these mindless/psychopathic attacks. These are offences against our freedoms to express, to choose to express, to believe or not believe. Arguments made with bullets are empty and valueless; they make noise but no sense, and destroy whatever creed is paid lip service by way of ‘justification’.
    Je suis. I am a cartoon.

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