Tanzanian journalist battles to retain his citizenship

English PEN is concerned about Tanzanian journalist Ali Mohammed Nabwa, whose citizenship is being revoked for the second time. Last year, his passport was confiscated by the Zanzibar government due to his stance on press freedom and human rights abuses in Zanzibar.

Nabwa, originally from the islands of the Comoros, settled in Zanzibar in the mid-1960’s and has lived there ever since as a naturalised citizen. In 2002, as the managing editor of Dira, the weekly Kiswahili publication, Nabwa faced governmental intimidation for his promotion of editorial independence. The most recent letter received on Sunday from the Immigration Department informed him of his non-grata status and advised him to re-apply for citizenship, claiming that his previous application had not been received by the Director of the Immigration Department. He was also asked to pay 400 USD in order to secure the documents which were originally confiscated.

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