Tashi Gyaltsen and Jampel Gyatso

D.o.B.: 1964 and 1979 respectively.

Profession: Monks of the Drakar Trezong Monastery in Qinghai province, northwestern China.

Date of arrest: 16th January 2005.

Sentence: Tashi Gyaltsen and Jampel Gyatso were reportedly administratively sentenced to 3 years RTL (‘re-education through laour’)

Details of arrest: Arrested in their rooms at the Darkar Trezong monastery in Qinghai province, northwestern China alongside Lobsang Thargyal, Tsesum Samten and Tsultrim Phelgyal. They were allegedly detained for publishing a journal called “The Charm of Sun and Moon” which contained poems and writings of a political nature. The magazine was published in mid late 2004.

Place of detention: Said to be held in Topa Re-education Through Labour Camp at Huangzhong Dzong, near Xining in Qinghai province, northwestern China.

Professional details: Tashi Gyaltsen is said to have edited this and other magazines at the monastery, and to have written “The Past and Present History of Tredzong Monastery” and other articles. Jampel Gyatso coedited the magazine. Lobsang Thargyal, Tsultrim Phelgyal and Tsesum Samten all vice-edited the magazine.

Released: It is believed that Tashi Gyaltsen and Jampel Gyatso were released in January 2008, their sentence having come to term. 

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