Turkey: Hrant Dink acquitted; trials against other journalists continue

Nine writers, journalists and publishers accused of “insult to the Turkish state” were recently brought before the courts in five separate trials.


Hrant Dink was acquitted of “insult” on 9 February. He was charged under Penal Code Article 301 for having made remarks at a conference in 2002 in which he claimed discrimination against the Armenian minority in Turkey. Dink is the editor of the Armenian language weekly Agos. Dink, alongside three other Agos journalists, faces another trial for an article that criticised the six-month suspended sentence served against Dink in October 2005, also for his writings.


The trial against journalists Ismet Berkan, Murat Belge, Haluk Sahin, Hasan Cemal and Erol Katircioglu was postponed to 8 April 2006.


The trial against publisher Fatih Tas was adjourned to 18 April 2006.


The case against journalist Murat Yetkin was postponed to a later date. 


Publisher Ragip Zarakolu‘s trial was postponed to 19 April 2006.


Jonathan Fryer, member of the Writers in Prison Committee of English PEN, attended several of the trials in Istanbul. Click here to read his report from the trials.


English PEN will continue to protest at the many trials and judicial harassment of writers, journalists and publishers and call for the quashing of laws that breach the right to freedom of expression in Turkey.

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