Viktor Ivaskevich

Profession: editor-in-chief of the Minsk based Rabochy (Worker).

Sentence: two years internal exile

Expires: December 2004.

Details of Charges: a) slander of the president (Art. 367 (2) of the Criminal Code); b) “degrading” the President (Art. 368 of the CC); and c) an attempt to break the law (Art. 14 of the CC). The case had originally been opened in August 2001 prior to the Presidential Elections. A complete print-run of Rabochy had been seized for an article on government corruption entitled “The Thief Must Rot in Jail”.

Trial: Officially indicted on 20 June 2002, on 16 September 2002 he was sentenced to 2 years in a forced labour camp. His appeal was turned down on 15 October 2002. Finalised early December 2002. Sent to detention Centre 16 December 2002.

Place of detention: Baranovichy detention centre.

Amnestied and Released: December 2003 on expiry of sentence.

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