Writers and journalists attacked for internet use

January to October 2005


  • Ali Abdel Imam (Bahrain), imprisoned, later released.
  • Iván García (Cuba), sentenced and imprisoned.
  • Victor Rolando Arroyo (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • José Ubaldo Izquierdo (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • Héctor Maseda (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • José Gabriel Ramón Castillo (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • Omar Ruíz Hernández (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • Normando Hernández (Cuba), imprisoned.
  • He Depu (China), imprisoned.
  • Huang Jinqiu (China), imprisoned.
  • Jiang Lijun (China), imprisoned.
  • Kong Youping (China), imprisoned.
  • Ning Xianhua (China), imprisoned.
  • Li Zhi (China), imprisoned.
  • Lu Zengqi (China), imprisoned.
  • Yan Qiuyan (China), imprisoned.
  • Luo Changfu (China), imprisoned.
  • Ma Yalian (China), imprisoned.
  • Mao Qingxiang (China), imprisoned.
  • Zhu Yufu (China), imprisoned.
  • Wu Yilong (China), imprisoned.
  • Shi Tao (China), imprisoned.
  • Tao Haidong (China), imprisoned.
  • Xu Wei (China), imprisoned.
  • Jin Haike (China), imprisoned.
  • Yang Zili (China), imprisoned.
  • Zhang Honghai (China), imprisoned.
  • Zhang Lin (China), imprisoned.
  • Zheng Yichun (China), imprisoned.
  • Mojtaba Lotfi (Iran), imprisoned.
  • Mojtaba Sami’inejad (Iran), imprisoned.
  • Arash Sigarchi (Iran), imprisoned, later released.
  • Abbas Kakavand (Iran), imprisoned, later released.
  • Hamed Motaghi (Iran), sentenced to prison.
  • Mohsen Sazegara (Iran), sentenced to prison.
  • Mohammad Reza Nassab-Abdollahi (Iran), imprisoned.
  • Daif al-Ghazal Al-Shuhaibi (Libya), killed.
  • Abdel Razak al Mansouri (Libya), imprisoned.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim Didi and Mohamed Zaki (Maldives), imprisoned.
  • Ricardo Bravo (Mexico), threatened.
  • Andrei Skovorodnikov (Russia), sentenced to prison.
  • Pawel Lyuzakov (Russia), imprisoned.
  • Mikhail Afanssiev (Russia), imprisoned / released / on trial.
  • Abdirisak Ahmed Absuge (Somalia), briefly detained.
  • Sethurupan Nadarajah (Sri Lanka), death threats.
  • Darmarathan Sivaram (Sri Lanka), killed.
  • Yusuf Ali (Sudan), threatened.
  • Jihad Nasra (Syria), imprisoned.
  • Habib Saleh (Syria), imprisoned, later released.
  • Abdel Rahman Al-Shagouri (Syria), imprisoned, later released.
  • Nabil Fayad (Syria), imprisoned.
  • Haytham Qutaysh and Muhannad Qutaysh (Syria), imprisoned.
  • Mohammed Abbou (Tunisia), imprisoned.
  • Sihem Bensendrine (Tunisia), harrassed.
  • Neziha Rejiba (Tunisia), harrassed.
  • Rahmi Yildrim (Turkey), on trial.
  • Halit Ertas (Turkey), sentenced to prison.
  • Erol Ozkoray (Turkey), sentenced to a fine.
  • Igor Rotar (Uzbekistan), brief detention / deportation.
  • Nguyen Hong Quang (Vietnam), imprisoned.
  • Nguyen Khac Toan (Vietnam), imprisoned.
  • Nguyen Van Ly (Vietnam), imprisoned, later released.
  • Nguyen Dan Que (Vietnam), imprisoned, later released.

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