Audio: English PEN director debates at ‘You can’t say that!’

On 4 November 2014, Jo Glanville debated the limits of free expression as part of the Battle of Ideas festival, in association with the Institute of Ideas and Free Word

The event asked such questions as whether some words or ideas were so abhorrent that they had to be eliminated from public life regardless of the context; and whether legal and political institutions could be trusted to arbitrate on what is acceptable in public and private.

The other debate panellists were Duleep Allirajah, sports columnist at Spiked, Peter Bradley, director of Speakers’ Corner Trust, Adrian Hart, author of That’s Racist!, and Jacob Mchangama, executive director of Justitia and Freedom Rights Project.

The debate was chaired by David Bowden – Coordinator, UK Battle Satellites; columnist at Spiked.

You can listen to the debate below:

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