PEN Samples

PEN Samples, offered by English PEN from 2009 to 2015, was a rolling grant for sample translations into English of books in other languages. This grant has now been succeeded by the biannual PEN Presents grant.

Award-winning sample translations and reports, 2009-2015

Hristo Karastoyanov: The Same Night Awaits Us All – sample translation available here: The Same Night Awaits Us All – Bulgarian fiction. Acquired by Open Letter Books (USA), to publish in 2017. Read an interview with translator Izidora Angel

Vladimir Zarev: Ruin – sample translation available here: Ruin – Bulgarian fiction

Hamid Ismailov: Dance of Devils – sample translation available here: Dance of Devils – Uzbek fiction

Han Yujoo: The Impossible Fairytale – sample translation available here: The Impossible Fairytale – Korean fiction. Acquired by Tilted Axis Press (UK), to publish in 2017.

Sindri Freysson: Daughter of my Mothers – sample translation available here: Daughter of my Mothers – Icelandic fiction

Hwang Sok-yong: Princess Bari – sample translation available here: Princess Bari – Korean fiction

From the Archive of Censored Materials, edited & translated by ko ko thett – sample translation available – Burmese poetry

Söyün’gül Janishif: The Land Drowned in Tears – sample translation available here: May 18th 1968 – Uyghur memoir

Mansour Al-Souwaim: Zakirat Sharir – sample translation available here: A Wicked Mind – Arabic fiction

Ipek Çalislar: Latife Hanım– sample translation by Feyza Howell available here: Latife Hanım – Turkish, Biography. Madam Atatürk: The First Lady of Modern Turkey was published by Saqi Books in 2013.

Ali al-Dumaini: Time for Prison, Times for Freedom – Arabic fiction

Ak Welsapar: COBRA – Russian fiction

Jiang Qisheng: My Life in Prison – Chinese memoir

Jean-Louis N’Tadi: Le Chef d’…tat – French play

Mamadali Mahmudov: Eternal Mountain – Uzbek fiction

Philipp Manes: As if It Were Life – German memoir

Omer Asan: Niko’s Kemence – Turkish fiction

Against the Tide – Reader’s Report – sample translation by Elisabeth Jaquette available here:   Against the Tide Translation Sample – Arabic fiction

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