International Translation Day 2022 English PEN programme

English PEN's annual programme for ITD took place across two days in 2022.

On Thursday 29 September, 9am–5.30pm BST, a fully in-person day of workshops, talks and opportunities to pitch to publishers at Conway Hall in London.

On Friday 30 September, 12.30–8pm BST, a fully online day of conversations with speakers from across the world.

ITD 2022 was generously supported by the Authors' Licensing and Copyright Society (ALCS) and the Booker Prize Foundation, and delivered in collaboration with the British Library and Conway Hall.



Thursday 29 September

9am–5.15pm BST, London

Session 1: The post-pandemic profession and community

9.30–10.30am BST

A conversation exploring how the sector returning to in-person activities is shifting the practice and community of literary translation – about what opportunities are returning, what positives from the digital era we must sustain, and what new opportunities come from how the sector has changed.

Vineet Lal, Anna Goode, Tina Kover, Erica Hesketh

Session 2: Breakout workshops

10.45am–12.15pm BST

Translation clinics (sign up in advance)

Two non-language specific workshops, with participants discussing current hurdles in their practice in a collegial setting, facilitated by established translators.

Antonia Lloyd-Jones and Ros Schwartz

Negotiating contracts workshop (default)

An interactive talk exploring translations contracts – how to approach and negotiate them, how they are changing, and how best to know and protect translator rights.

Catherine Fuller and Rosalind Harvey

Session 3: What do translators want from publishers? What do publishers want from translators?

12.30–1.30pm BST

Editors and translators come together to share with each other and learn from each other, exploring what they need and want from each other; where those expectations converge and differ; and how better to interface between different parts of the profession.

Khairani Barokka, Ka Bradley, Samuel McDowell, Nichola Smalley

Session 4: Breakout workshops

2.15–3.45pm BST

Translating children’s literature (sign up from 7 September)

A practical workshop on translating literature for young readers

Claire Storey

Translating drama (sign up from 7 September)

A practical workshop on translating literature for the stage

William Gregory

Translating variously (default)

An interactive talk on translating between different forms and for different readers.

Shaun Whiteside

Session 5: Pitching to publishers

4–4.45pm BST

Three translators pitch new book-length translations to three leading publishers of literature in translation.

Emmie Francis, Federico Andornino, and Gersy Ifeanyi Ejimofo

Networking reception

4.45–5.15pm BST

Connect with fellow attendees and speakers.

Accessibility information

All plenary and default sessions will be BSL interpreted, and there is an induction loop in the venue. All plenary and default sessions are on a ground floor and in accessible spaces, where there is also an accessible toilet. One space for breakout workshops is on a first floor and not accessible, but if you would like to sign up for a breakout workshop and require an accessible space, please contact us and we will ensure this is enabled. If you require any other access arrangements, please do get in touch with us.

Friday 30 September

12.30–8pm BST, online

Session 1: Aspiring, emerging, establishing: career progression

12.30–1.30pm BST

A conversation exploring how translators start out, develop their career, and sustain it – the opportunities for developing, and the challenges to doing so. Featuring translators at different stages in their career.

Paige Aniyah Morris, Annie McDermott, Mona Kareem, Polly Barton

Session 2: Samples, pitching and connecting with editors

2–3pm BST

Following the launch of English PEN’s new programme funding and showcasing sample translations, PEN Presents, a conversation exploring findings from the first round of the project, and exploring how best to get samples in front of editors.

Kavita Bhanot, Nicholas Glastonbury, Stefan Tobler, Helen Vassallo

Session 3: Rights, royalties, pay and visibility: Where do we go from here?

3.30–5pm BST

With the ongoing success of the #TranslatorOnTheCover campaign, and following discussions about fair pay, terms and royalties, this extended conversation explores the next steps for the sector – the priorities, and how we go about achieving them.

Maureen Freely, Sawad Hussain, Marigold Atkey, Rebecca Servadio, Aki Schilz

Session 4: The power of the bookseller

5.30–6.30pm BST

A conversation featuring booksellers and translators, exploring the vital, often hidden role booksellers play in championing translated literature and getting it into the hands of readers, and what we can get out of bringing these communities together.

So Mayer, Gary Perry, Jessica Gaitán Johannesson, Meera Ghanshamdas

Session 5: Dual keynote

7–8pm BST

Winners of the 2022 International Booker Prize, Geetanjali Shree and Daisy Rockwell will share a virtual stage on Friday 30 September, closing English PEN's International Translation Day 2022. The pre-recorded conversation will feature Geetanjali and Daisy's reflections on working together, the importance of translation, and international literature today.

(Please note: this session will be pre-recorded and will not feature a Q&A)

Geetanjali Shree and Daisy Rockwell

Accessibility information

If you require access to a live-caption stream for any of the online sessions, please contact us via email.