Two new projects to launch our new Website

Today we have launched two new projects to promote our new website. The PEN Atlas will post weekly literary despatches from around the world, and Freedom To Write: A Users Guide is designed to help writers navigate the complex criminal and civil laws that govern free expression.  We hope you enjoy and make use of the content.

These two projects also mark the official launch (such as it is) of the new English PEN website.  The site has of course been live and functioning for a few weeks now, but we wanted a ‘beta’ phase to ensure that it was looking and functioning properly, before drawing attention to ourselves. 

As well as the two areas of featured content, the new website has a few other bits of functionality, taking into account the evolving way in which we use the internet and speak to each other online.  For example, we now have tools that allow our supporters to campaign online, signing and sharing petitions, and other calls to action. We will be using these tools to encourage more people to join English PEN’s campaign for the freedom to write, both in the UK and Internationally.

We are very grateful to Harrison + Co for delivering this website and the associated rebrand.  In December we were featured in Design Week’s Rebrands of the Year.

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