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As part of Islington Word 2013, English PEN is connecting up classrooms in Islington with classrooms in Africa, via our colleagues at Malawian PEN, Zambian PEN, Ghanaian PEN and Sierra Leone PEN.

We did a similar project last year called Wish You Were Here – see the pictures of the young people at St Joseph’s school in Freetown.

So the idea is simple: we get young people in Islington classrooms to write letters to young people in African classrooms; we send out the letters to the school in a big jiffy bag!; they read the letters and the young people write back (when we can, we ask them for photos of them reading the letters!); we take the replies back in to the school in Islington and help encourage an ongoing letter exchange – and so it goes on. 

Letters really are a dying art form and this is the first time some of the young people we worked with in London have received personal letters. One young person said, on describing what it was like to receive a reply, “It was weird, but nice – really nice”.

First Class Post is supported by Islington Word 2013

We would LOVE to do this project for hundreds of schools – be in touch if you want to partner or help fund us to do it!




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