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English PEN are delighted to announce the e-book publication of the Dictionary of Made-Up Words, our short anthology of winning and commended entries to our Made-Up Words Competition.  The competition was run with our Free Word Centre neighbours, Arvon.

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11 Comments on “Made-Up Words e-Book”

  1. just filled in the form to receive the download. Are either of the files readable in something like acrobat rather than nook or kindle? (seems an over complicated way to access the book)

    1. Nope, it apears both file formats only run in specific software that needs to be downloaded or on an e-reader device…not very helpful. I wanted to read those that were shortlisted just to guafe the type of stuff that was accepted but, to be honest, it’s not worth the hassle of downloading software..why couldn’t it be in .pdf or a PC readable format?

      1. Hi Jon,

        The priority we give to Kindle and EPUB is quite considered.

        We want to disseminate the books as widely as possible, and e-book formats that are designed to be read on, or by, machines makes our publications more accessible.  We’ve heard from those who like reading in large type, or who use assistive technology (for example, the device reads the words out loud) that e-book formats are preferable to other document formats.

        E-book formats are smaller, too – a matter of Kilobytes, not Megabytes.  This is not much of an issue for the person downloading, but for any organisation providing the files, bandwidth is something to consider.  When we are providing hundreds of copies of our e-books, it sensible and cost effective for us to choose file sizes that are an order of magnitude smaller.

        Kindle and EPUB formats have emerged as industry standards and are widely deployed.  You can download free software that reads both.  Made-up Words might be the first e-book you read on it, but we hope it will not be the last!

        I like using Calibre on my desktop, because it is free and allows conversion between file formats.

        Adobe Digital Editions is another free option.

        Download of either should be fairly quick and worth it in the long run, in my opinion.

        Is should also point out – doesn’t one need to download a PDF reader to view PDFs, too!?  Apple Macs display PDFs natively, but for a ‘PC readable format’ you would surely need to download Acrobat (PDFs) or pay for Microsoft Word (.DOC and DOCX).

        You’re not the first person to ask about this so I have posted a version of this comment as a stand-alone post that we’ll link to in the body text of this post (above) and on our other e-book download pages. 

        1. Thanks for your reply. As far as I am aware, Adobe reader comes bundled with Windows 7 and 8 which means .pdf files can be read without any extra software. I have downloaded e-books from Project Gutenburg and Bookdepositry, etc and never has an issue with the format. I can see the advantage of doing it the way you are doing it, in terms of file size, etc..just hope the kindle never replaces the book. Things like buying a secondhand book and reading an old dedication in it..or finding a note or bus ticket that has been used as a bookmark..stories..things like that are never going to be “available” on an e-reader :-)

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