Read: Here is my A-Z of advice by Amberley Laverick

Always eat cake
Be fabulous
Cook with love
Dance around the house in your underwear, regularly
End bad relationships
Fear the mundane
Get on that boat
Heal from the inside
Ignite someone’s passion
Jump on your bed
Kick the wall if it makes you feel better
Laze about in your pyjamas
Mischief is fun
Nap in the day time
Open your windows
Pick flowers for your neighbour
Quit moaning, it’s so unattractive
Realise who you are, not anyone else
Sit on a train and stare out the window
Tell your story
Understand the planet before economics
Visualise where you want to be and you will sprout wings and fly there
Wear your soul for the world to admire
X-ray vision does not exist
Zebras are just spray painted horses



Amberley (pictured above) organised with PEN two series of writing workshops for young people at Kids Company led by Warsan Shire and Nii Parkes

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