Read: Today’s made-up word


 Kat Dale


His face pallors at the click of a switch,

sepia blanched to monochrome. Rabbit eyes,

blind to the close-clutched sheet of paper,

focus on what lies ahead. There is no day.

Natural light’s extinguished, unnatural darkness

skin-creeps, muffled as an assassin’s footfall.


The message on the sheet… what did it mean?

He’d been so sure, but now – it seems he has

no choice. Everything’s becoming clearer.

And yet… perhaps there is still hope. Maybe,

after all fingers crossed he’d get away

with only needing them for reading.




This piece of writing is featured in PEN’s e-book, The Dictionary of Made-Up Words, made in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom. Read the whole book!




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