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 Margaret Roberts


This is not what men of high renown

Or sophisticates can equably contemplate.

No politician bent on ordering the world mass

To his or her particular vision would deem

Rhoodling to be of any import or worth.

Dogs do. Every day in some particular spent

Rhoodling. Eyes, ears, nose and touch,

Each rhoodles in rapt attention,

Providing a notation through the senses,

Alerting where nothing has moved or when

Mysterious, inconsequential changes mark

The imprints of other passages through the night.

Hopeful puzzles rhoodle the balance of the day;

An unhurried, gentle quest for a dog’s harmony.


This piece of writing is featured in PEN’s e-book, The Dictionary of Made-Up Words, made in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom. Read the whole book!




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