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Liz Berry


Er come fer yo last night, an icicle from the gutterin,

a spear o’ glass from a smashed-up bus shelter.


Er donnies slid beneath yer sleep-stuffed yed,

eyeless bear, rooted fer the parcel o’ bloodied tissue.


Ah waited by yer door, not daring to peep, rememberin

the neighbours’ lad who woke to catch er:


‘ow there was hoarfrost on ‘is lips when they found ‘im

next cockcrow, a freezy penny in the purse of ‘is gob.


Oh be careful, mah bab, who yo bargain with –

fer milk teeth line the walls of er palace like skulls.



Black Country/Standard


er/ her or she       donnies/hands        yed/head

This piece of writing is featured in PEN’s e-book, “The Dictionary of Made-Up Words”, made in partnership with the European Commission Representation in the United Kingdom. Read the whole book!

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