[Watch] PEN in the Argument Room

Rideout presents its summer Argument Room session with the following topic:

‘Can the experience of art change behaviour?  If so, should this be viewed as a primary or as an incidental function? Can any behavioural impact be measured; should it?’

THURSDAY JUNE 13TH.  7pm.  Location: www.theargumentroom.net

Around the table will be the following:

Dean Stallon, Director, Art Saves Lives

Sara Lee, Director, Music in Prisons

Tim Joss, Director, The Rayne Foundation

Philip Cowell, Head of Programmes, English PEN

Stephen Clift, Professor of Health Education, Canterbury Christ Church

Annie McKean, Lecturer, University of Winchester

Richmond Trew, Musician, Facilitator

John Bergman, Founder, Geese Theatre Company, USA (via Skype)

The Argument Room is a unique, interactive debating forum.  The debate is chaired by Chris Johnston and viewers can log in, watch and participate in the conversation from anywhere in the world.  This is done by visiting www.theargumentroom.net

Alternatively you can track the event or participate via Twitter using for this debate:  #artmoves




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