Workshop: PEN runs a creative writing workshop at HMRC

English PEN’s Head of Programmes, Philip Cowell, is today running a lunch time Freedom to Write workshop for the staff of HMRC.

Frances Hunter of the HMRC said:

This is a one hour lunchtime workshop on creative writing for staff in HMRC.  It was organised by the union learning rep as part of this office’s ‘Book Day’ where we also have booksellers displaying their wares for purchase.  The writing workshop is open to all staff and is being done in their lunch break but on work premises which makes it easy to access without compromising work delivery!

Frances had been in touch with Philip after experiencing the Freedom to Write workshop during Readers’ Day at Free Word – a day for readers who had taken part in the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

Philip said:

I’ve run writing workshops in prisons, refugee centres, care homes and schools. I look forward to seeing how creative writing works in the workplace, and at the HMRC in particular. If your work is interested in hosting a Freedom to Write workshop, get in touch with us at PEN.





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