Writing: ‘An African Dream’, an extract – by Anonymous, HMP Perth

As we sit in the warm, musical darkness with only the shadows flickering from the comforting fire we talk of things long past and the things that are yet to come. In this distant wild land we find a place of peace where there are no prying eyes, no wagging tongues, no disappointment of that which has been lost. There is only the silence and the smell of Africa which conjures up ideas of excitement, of opportunity of something different and more worthwhile.

The fireflies are busy swooping and flickering around the pools of light as we drink our final nightcap, a fine old brandy which leaves a wonderful aftertaste of oak and spice. Slowly we walk towards the snowy white canvas of our sleeping tent happy in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day, and it will be another day in Africa.

The morning comes with a burst of golden light which gives everything an unearthly glow. Slowly the shadows fade and again the vast green plains of Africa stretch before us. Today is another day of travel through this ever-changing and vital landscape, and by the evening we hope to have reached the foothills of the distant mountains. There at long last we shall begin our search for the elusive and most prized of all Africa’s multitude of bounty, her sparkling green diamonds.


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