About the PEN Atlas

PEN Atlas Illustration

PEN Atlas is your gateway to a world of literature. We post literary dispatches from around the world, showcasing the very best international writers. We hope to bring new insights into the rich literary landscape that may be found beyond the English language.

The amount of foreign literature published in English is far too low. We hope PEN Atlas will inspire literature lovers to sample new writing from other countries, and encourage publishers to bring that writing to the British market.

The goals of PEN Atlas

  • To promote literature as a means of intercultural understanding by providing a forum for writers (publishers, translators, booksellers, bloggers, critics) to share their appreciation of writing from a wide range of languages and cultures.
  • To add to the internationalism of the UK literary arena by bringing world writing to an English-language audience.
  • To overcome cultural boundaries within today’s diverse English society by creating a resource which supports English PEN’s programmes’ and values.


The PEN Atlas is a project of English PEN’s Writers in Translation Committee and is supported by Arts Council England and Bloomberg.