13/07/05: Letter and 2004 Annual Report from new Internal PEN Executive Director Caroline Whitaker

July 13th 2005

Dear Centres,

I am delighted to be writing to you, having recently taken up the position of Executive Director of International PEN. I felt privileged to have the opportunity to attend the Annual Congress in Bled as an observer last month, which afforded me the opportunity of meeting many members and which has allowed me to take up the role feeling so warmly welcomed into the PEN family.

As I mentioned at the Assembly of Delegates, the focus of the coming months will be upon consultation and strategic planning in order to articulate a vision, strategy and business plan for International PEN. I am keen to ensure that this process is as inclusive as possible and will be in contact in the near future to ask for your input and feedback.

Whilst I would eventually like to visit as many of the Centres as possible, I am also conscious of the restraints of time and resources and will therefore at this time be looking to develop my understanding through the International PEN regional and programmatic networks.

I do look forward to discussing these matters with you in the coming months and learning more about your Centre, its programmes and priorities.

I am pleased to be able to enclose a copy of the 2004 International PEN annual report as a pdf file for your information and use. Please do let me know if you would like paper copies of this document, which we would be pleased to provide. The report is also available on the International PEN website.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Whitaker

Executive Director


Click here to read the 2004 International PEN annual report.

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