23/09/04: Resolutions from the 2004 International PEN Congress

Over 250 PEN Delegates from more than 70 PEN Centres all over the world came together in Tromsø, Norway, at the beginning of September for the 70th Congress of International PEN with a stimulating and substantial programme of literary seminars, readings, concerts, Committee and network meetings and discussions.

The following decisions were also taken during the Tromsø Assembly:

(a) Joanne Leedom-Ackerman (member of the American, English and USA West Centres) was elected International Secretary in succession to Terry Carlbom, who retired from office having completed two terms.

(b) Britta Junge Pedersen (member of the Danish Centre) was elected International Treasurer for a second three-year term.

(c) Eric Lax, Judith Rodriguez and Eugene Schoulgin were elected to the Board of International PEN (both Eric Lax and Judith Rodriguez for a second term of office). Under Article 24 bis of the Regulations, Eric Lax, as the candidate in this election receiving the highest number of votes, is elected for a three-year term, while Judith Rodriguez and Eugene Schoulgin are each elected for a two-year term.

(d) Karin Clark was elected Chair of the Writers in Prison Committee for a three-year term. Her election was ratified by the Assembly of Delegates

(e) Three new Centres were elected members of International PEN: the Basque, Guatemalan and Kosovan Centres.

Please click on the following links for further information on some of the items discussed at the Congress.

Resolutions and Recommendations from the Tromso Congress

Strategic Aims of International PEN from Tromso Congress

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