English PEN pays tribute to Edward Said

English PEN was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Edward Said, 67, in New York yesterday.

Professor Said, pre-eminent literary and cultural critic, pianist and political campaigner, had been a great friend of PEN. The Guardian’s obituary called him the “standard bearer of the liberal conscience”, whose “achievement may have been to enhance artistic comprehension by drawing attention to unstated political dimensions, in the knowledge that art must always escape enlistment for partisan ends.”


Our Executive Committee member Marina Warner has written a tribute to Professor Said; to read it please click here.

One of his last public appearances was at the Brighton Festival this May, an event run in collaboration with English PEN.

In 2001 he was interviewed by WiPC Chair Joan Smith for the PEN lecture at the Orange Word Festival in December 2001. (click here to download a transcript of this interview).


Edward Wadie Said, writer and academic, born November 1 1935; died September 25th 2003.

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