English PEN, The US Embassy, and Wikileaks


Last month, English PEN was alerted to the fact that the organisation had been cited in one of the US Embassy cables released by Wikileaks. The cable, sent in May 2008, suggested that the US Embassy in London was working with English PEN on a ‘Day of Solidarity with the Cuban People’.

The Board and Staff at English PEN are surprised and confused by this memo. No representatives of English PEN met with US Embassy officials, and we certainly did not contemplate a joint event.

Our concern for human rights in Cuba is based on our support for free expression around the world, and is not influenced by the Foreign Policy of the USA or any other country.

Concerned that this cable may be read in a damaging light, English PEN wrote to Ambassador Louis B Susman at the US Embassy, requesting an explanation for the false information contained in the leaked cable (PDF link). On 25th October we received a reply, stating that the US Government does not discuss matters contained within leaked confidential information (PDF link).

Originally posted with the url: www.englishpen.org/writersinprison/campaigns/cubacampaign/pen-wikileaks/


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