Gillian Slovo wins Golden PEN award 2013

Gillian Slovo, who resigned as President of English PEN in November this year, accepted the Golden PEN award at a ceremony at the Free Word Centre on 2 December 2013. She was presented with the honour by Lennie Goodings and Nicolas Kent, both trustees of English PEN, who summed up Gillian’s writing as both brave and compassionate.

Raficq Abdulla, Acting President of English PEN, said ‘not only does her writing demonstrate the kind of courage, commitment and political acumen we celebrate at PEN but she has given the charity three years of dedicated service as President and seen our organisation grow in reach and impact.’

Gillian Slovo said, ‘It’s been an immense honour to be included in this distinguished line-up. Such a pleasure, made more special because this is an organisation which I value so highly and know so well after my three years as President, an organisation started by writers for the good of all writers.’

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