Great Firewall of China

Google will be teaming up with China to filter out information from online searches that it believes the government will not approve of. The American company will join Microsoft and Yahoo! in helping the communist government block access to websites containing politically sensitive content, such as references to the Tiananmen Square massacre and criticism of the politburo. Executives are arguing that this is the ethical price they must pay to base servers in mainland China. This recent move contradicts the company’s aim, to make information available to all. 

China is thought to have 30,000 online police monitoring blogs, chatrooms and news portals as well as sophisticated filters that have been developed to block or limit access to “unhealthy information”, including human rights websites and foreign news outlets. Groups such as freedom of expression advocacy group Reporters Without Borders have already spoken out against Google’s decision.

Click on the publication to read articles in The Guardian and The Independent on the issue.

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