PEN Congratulates Orhan Pamuk

Many congratulations to Orhan Pamuk who has today been awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Lisa Appignanesi said: “I’m thrilled that Orhan Pamuk has been awarded the Nobel Prize. He is a great writer. He has also been a brave one, speaking out for free expression in a country where certain factions would still rather that silence be maintained. PEN supported him when he was charged with ‘denigrating’ his nation, because he had used the word genocide in connection with the Armenian massacres. At a PEN lecture he said memorably,

‘Whatever the country, freedom of thought and expression are universal human rights. These freedoms, which modern people long for as much as bread and water, should never be limited by using nationalist sentiment, moral sensitivities, or—worst of all—business or military interests.’

This is a statement with which writers in all forms, media and countries can only concur.”

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