Update on PEN/Arvon Creative Writing Partnership

The English Centre of PEN and Arvon Creative Writing Partnerships Announce an Exciting Program to Assist Writers

This year, 17th-21st November, English PEN is sending sixteen exiled and refugee writers/journalists to a partnership creative writing residential week at the Arvon Centre in Totleigh Barton, Devon.

In partnership with Arvon, the creative writing foundation, English PEN has fielded sixteen exiled and refugee writers and journalists based in the UK who would gain from the opportunity to participate in this course.   The writers will be provided with practical guidance in developing creative writing skills in English.

Coming from many different parts of the globe such as Iran, Bosnia and Rwanda, the participants that have been selected are all experienced writers.  They are poets, artists, journalists, actors, lawyers and publishers, some with multiple degrees and all with the brilliance and qualifications to progress in the literary world.

PEN is delighted to be working with these individuals and very excited to be taking part in this program.

If you are interested in learning more about this partnership, please contact Tanya Andrews at the PEN office.

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