Student PEN Centres

Students at universities across the country have set up Student PEN Centres on campus to support the work of English PEN.

There are already Student PEN Centres at the University of Bristol, Cambridge University, University of East Anglia, Goldsmiths University, Kingston University, Lancaster University, Leeds UniversityRoehampton University, Royal Holloway University,  Warwick University,  the  University of York .

These groups act as hubs for a range of activities promoting the freedom to read, and the freedom to write, including:

  • Defending academic freedom on campus
  • Debating ideas of free expression through public events or a taught ‘PEN Module’
  • Running campaigns for imprisoned writers around the world
  • Promoting creative writing in the city and at the university
  • Promoting literature in translation, and the value of learning foreign languages

Here, discover the important work UK students are doing in the fight for freedom of expression worldwide.