Set up a Student PEN Centre

Being a part of a Student PEN Centre is a fantastic way to meet people who share an interest in world literature and free speech, and provides valuable experience in human rights campaigning and event organisation.

‘Founding the UEL student-led subgroup of English PEN was one of the most fulfilling and exciting extra-curricular responsibilities that I undertook in my time as a student. In a world where nothing is private any longer, where speech is stifled and censored for activists, poets, writers, journalists and artists alike, where data and privacy laws are becoming more and more Orwellian, and where even the concept of our autonomy is challenged on a mass scale, the work that English PEN do is of utmost social and humane importance. I am very proud to have worked with PEN.’

Sam Dodd, founder of UEL PEN

Contact us via or 020 7324 2535 to discuss setting up a Student PEN Centre at your university.