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A Massacre in Mexico: Anabel Hernández in conversation with Gaby Wood

On September 26, 2014, a group of students from the Ayotzinapa Rural Teachers’ College were en route to a protest when intercepted by local police. A confrontation ensued. Come the morning, the students were nowhere to be found. Investigative reporter Anabel Hernández will be in conversation with Gaby Wood to discuss her latest book A

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Truth at what cost?

What does it mean for a writer or journalist to work in a context where there are severe constraints on freedom of expression? Why do people working under these conditions choose to ‘go out on a limb’ and sacrifice their personal safety and security in order to reveal the truth? Broadcaster Ritula Shah will chair

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Sidewalks: talking points from the English PEN Translated Literature Book Club

Report by Jonathan Ruppin September’s book was Sidewalks by Mexican writer Valeria Luiselli, translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney. One of the great boons of a book club is the opportunity to hear about others’ reading experiences firsthand, offering alternative perspectives to one’s own, often resulting in a greater appreciation of a book we might

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