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World Poetry Day: support imprisoned poet Aron Atabek

My throat, unable to speak, will die For the sounds of my homeland. My ancestors’ patter will vanish Like water into sand. I am a storyteller of immortality In Semitic and Etruscan tongues; I am the dust of Turkic dialects Writing in Russian. Many lives’ twisted fates Are lost inside me, mourning, And I myself

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World Poetry Day: show your support for Liu Xia

We saw it A little reflection left on the glass It had been printed there for a long time without leaving… Every year on July 15 of the lunar calendar The river would be covered with water lanterns But they could not call back your soul… The train heading for the concentration camp Sobbingly ran

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World Poetry Day: take action for poet Amanuel Asrat

Where two brothers pass each other Where two brothers meet each other Where two brothers conjoin In the piazza of life and death In the gulf of calamity and cultivation In the valley of fear and peace Something resounded – Extract from Amanuel Asrat’s ‘The Scourge of War’, translated by Tedros Abraham Award-winning Eritrean poet,

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