Anne-Marie Glasheen

Name: Anne-Marie Glasheen


Languages: French to English

Subjects: Fiction, biography, drama, poetry, history of art

Prizes/Awards: Prix de la traduction de la communauté française

Some translations:


2003 Erasing, Jean Portante, The Dedalus Press, Dublin

2001 Rocking to the north wind, Liliane Wouters, Dedalus, Dublin

1997 Muze trilingual anthology of women’s poetry. Translator and co-editor, published by Kent County Council


2002 Until Tonight, memoir, Laure Adler, Granta

2002 All that blue & Ma, Gaston-Paul Effa, BlackAmber Books

2000 Marguerite Duras – A Life, Laure Adler, Victor Gollancz & University of Chicago Press


1998 The Key to our Aborted Dreams, five plays by Belgian Francophone women writers (Michèle Fabien, Françoise Lalande, Françoise Lison-Leroy and Colette Nys-Mazure, Pascale Tison, Liliane Wouters); Peter Lang, New York


1999 The Panorama, Bernard Comment, Reaktion

1999 The Last Carnival, Victor Stoichita, Reaktion

1997 The Self-Aware Image, Victor Stoichita, C.U.P. New York

Member of: The Translators’ Association

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