Basque Country

Writers in Translation presents some new material written in Basque: 


Too Old, Too Small, Maybe by Kirmen Uribe, Mikel Urdangarin, Rafa Rueda, Bingen Mendizabal and Mikel Valverde; translated by Elizabeth Macklin

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The links below give some useful background information about Basque, which we hope will be a useful guide to appreciating the Basque works presented above.  They are designed to gove overviews of particular topics, and there are links to more detailed resources at the bottom of each document.


  • Basque language – find out more about one of the oldest languages in Europe.  

  • Freedom of expression – the Basque language has long been oppressed in Spain.  The translator of Too Old, Too Small, Maybe, Elizabeth Macklin, gives her her stance on the situation.

  • Egunkaria – find out about the closure in February 2003 of this Basque-language newspaper. 

  • Martxelo Otamendi – Martxelo Otamendi was the editor of Egunkaria until its closure – read his testimony about his experience in prison.

  • Basque literature – this gives a general overview of the development of oral and written Basque literature.


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