Edith Grossman: My close friendship with Cervantes and García Márquez

Our World Bookshelf blog this month comes from top translator Edith Grossman, who reflects on her intimate relationship with Cervantes and Gabriel García Márquez

‘…I have been privileged to translate great books by both of these men, I’ve had the immense pleasure of spending long periods of time alone with them, pondering how they put their sentences together, how their voices resonate in the mind’s ear, how their thoughts and emotions emerge from the page to take on a three-dimensional solidity that seems to envelop and embrace the reader. By now it is a cliché, at least in translating circles, to talk about how closely translators read the works they bring over into another language and how profoundly they come to know the intricacies of each text, but generally left unsaid is any mention of the deep intimacy that close reading creates between author and translator…’

To read the full piece, please visit the World Bookshelf.





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